3 Presentation Mistakes NOT to make in 2015

In 2014, our trainers were extremely privileged to see 1000's of presentations delivered from the brightest talent here in Greater China.
Some of these presentations were truly inspiring and left the audience wanting more. Others needed some fine-tuning!
Below is our top 3 list of presentation mistakes to avoid for 2015.

Text on PPT Slides

How much text to put on PPT slides?

The Power of Story Telling

The Power of Story-Telling

Motivating Your Audience to Action

 "Motivating Your Audience to Action"  

3 Steps to Make Communications More Interesting

Issue No: 22    "3 Steps to Make Your Communications More Interesting" 

Secret Ingredient for Communication

Think about some of the greatest communicators in recent times, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Martin Luther King, Bill Gates. What secret ingredient do you think they have in common? Why were all these people able to persuade so many? What are their X factors? What is it about the way they talk that draws you in?   

Avoiding the Buffet Phenomenom

Are meetings and presentations in your company finishing way over-time or even not finishing at all?

5 Ways to Increase Your Confidence

5 Ways to Increase Confidence
Be honest with yourself, how confident are you when communicating with key stakeholders? Or delivering presentations? Or even voicing your opinions in meetings?
If you are lacking in self-confidence, both your credibility and ability to persuade others will be affected.
Moreover, people will be able to gauge your confidence levels by the verbal and non-verbal signals you give off in your daily communications.

How to Disagree with Anyone

How to Disagree with Anyone

8 C's of Communication

8 C's of Communication