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How to Use Your Voice to Influence Others-如何增强声音感染力


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7000. That is the average number of words we speak every day. But…have you ever thought about how those 7000 words sound to your listeners?


In a world of increasing virtual communication, voice is growing in importance. Your ability to engage, motivate and influence are all at stake.


The good news is that speed and accent (think Hollywood movie stars) can be changed. However, changes to cadence or rhythm wont be easy.


In the next two micro-tips, we will outline steps and techniques to increase vocal impact;

Step 1: Seek Vocal Feedback


Here you want to increase awareness, remove blind spots & be clear on which areas actually need working on.

在这一步,你需要增强意识,消除盲点,弄清楚你在哪些方面需要改进。Record and playback calls etc. Once you get past that awkward phase of hearing yourself speak, you will be able to pick up habits and idiosyncrasies you most likely never knew existed!. All mobile phones have built in voice recording apps.


2.Actively seek constructive feedback from peers and colleagues. Over lunch or a coffee get feedback on tone, pausing, stress, clarity, speed and volume.

2. 积极向同伴寻求有建设性的反馈。在午餐或喝咖啡的时候,你可以让同伴注意一下你说话时的语气、停顿、重音、咬字清晰度、语速和音量,让他给你一些建议。

Sounds simple but there really is a lot to gain from this process.  A recent Western Manager realised most of his communication ended with an upward inflection or (uptalk). Uptalk not only makes it hard for an audience to know when a sentence finishes but can also undermine authority and makes us sound uncertain. This manager is now working on more downspeak or falling intonation.


In another example, a Chinese account manager could not believe the number of “ranhou” and “jiushishuo” time fillers that she used during a meeting. She is now working on overcoming this unknown habit.  


Hope you found that useful. Be sure to catch part 2 of this micro tip out soon by referring to the instructions in the description box below. Thanks for watching.


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