Why You are Losing 60 Minutes of Your Daily Work Time

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Presentation Skills, Communication Skills & Business Writing

A number of prospective clients ask:
What are Advance Consulting signature programs?
Which programs do Advance Consulting launch the most?
What are Advance Consulting most popular programs?
While every program is slightly different (every company has different needs and expectations) many of our 2017 programs centred around;
Presentation Skills
Powerful Presentation Skills, Persuasive Presentation Skills, Executive Presentation Skills & Presentation Skills Coaching

Stop Blaming Technology & Take Ownership of your Communication

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Controlling Audiences Attention in Presentations & Meetings

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Tips to Avoid a Presentation Nightmare

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Delivering important information in a presentation or teleconference and suddenly........

FREE WeChat Flash Cards & Resources

Advance Consulting wants to show you how we are at the forefront in terms of new creative ideas in the training industry:
1. WeChat Flash Cards
What are they? Every 2 weeks, we send out Flash cards to all our previous trainees and also people interested in attending our training programs.
Benefits: These are very useful tools to aid in the retention of ideas, frameworks and key learning points after the training workshop.
2. Interactive Video Case Study Handbook

Ice Cream Queues & Breaking Meeting Silence

It's been a hot summer. Good for ice cream sales then. But perhaps no-one foresaw it being this good for one shop along WuKang road.

3 Reasons to Throw out your Sales Pitch

3 Reasons to Throw out your Sales Pitch

15 PowerPoint Short Cuts You Should Know

15 PowerPoint ShortCuts You Should Know

Are Small Words Losing You BIG Money?

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Are Small Words Losing You BIG Money?