When selecting a long-term training provider you want to learn about the experiences of previous clients. In a short space of time, we have established genuine relationships with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world.

Our exceptionally high client retention levels point to a level of satisfaction unseen in the training industry here in Greater China.


Powerful Presentations

Communicating With Clarity


Overall Impression: 93%
Likely to Recommend: 95%


Program Feedback:

Really impressed with the many opportunities to practice and receive expert coaching & direction

This training benefited me so much. I am really lucky to have attended this course

Content was very applicable to our work

Programs: Executive Presentation Skills Group Coaching

Trainer Rating: 100%  
Course Rating: 93% 

Program Feedback:

Simply put, this is the best training in our company. Was able to make big modifications to my daily work presentations.

I have asked all my staff to attend these coaching sessions. 


Program: Powerful Presentation Skills

Program Feedback:

I can confidently recommend Advance Consulting as a company capable of delivering practical & effective courses

With your professionalism and commitment, I believe that you will continue to deliver the excellent service and consultation on the communication training to clients.


Essential Communcation Skills

Presenting With Impact 

Program Feedback:

Really good trainer. Very practical & useful sessions

Appreciate your coaching stlye which enable us to apply content back to the workplace

Program: Executive Presentation Skills Group Coaching

Program Feedback:

Very efficient, practice-oriented and foccuseed on the essentials of executive presentations.

The coaching was helpful and inspiring. Coach was very experienced, responsive and reliable


Assertive Communication Skills

PowerPoint Design Skills

Powerful Presentation Skills (Chinese)

Program Feedback:

Very good trainer & good at communication. Thanks for orgnanising such a good training session

This was a really useful course. Able to use the skills at work the very next day

Easy to see my progress made and those of the others over the multiple training sessions

Program:  Asessment Testing for Management Trainee Program

Program Feedback:

Really appreciate all your efforts on the screening process for our Management Trainee Program each year.

Happy with your professionalism, quick turn around and most importantly the quality of the candidtates that you filter.