About Us

Advance Consulting delivers actionable communication & presentation skills training solutions in the Greater China region. 

We have partnered with more than 120 different companies and are proud to have a 100% client satisfaction rate.

Simply put, we A.I.M to be the best in the industry:

Actionable: Ensuring that your training solution is relevant & useful.

A Legal Counsel who very recently attended one of our sessions put it "I never knew i needed to take this training until today. I only wish i had taken this program earlier"

Interesting: No-one wants to sit around and listen to a lecture. Our sessions are highly interactive & engaging with many activities and real work scenarios.

Measurable: You expect to see a return on investment in training. By measuring before, during and after the workshop you are able to see tangible progress.

A Sales Manager stated "i spent 2 years on an EMBA program but have learnt and can see more improvement in the two days and follow up sessions with you, unbelievable!" 

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