Presentation Skills

"One of the top 3 skills of successful business people" Bill Gates

Over the last 10 years, Advance Consulting has launched different Presentation Skills programs 100's of times to 1000's of trainees at more than 70 different companies.

You may be a;  + Sales Engineer looking to increase confidence levels when reporting back to your peers and managers or + Sales Manager wanting to persuade your client to approve your latest proposal or even+ Partner or Senior Manager looking to inspire and captivate a group of staff

Either way we have a proven solution to match your needs.

Program Options

Powerful Presentation Skills, Advanced Presentation Skills, Presentation Skills for Sales, Presentation Skills for Engineers & Technicians, Pitching Skills

PowerPoint Design Skills, Presentation Skills Group Coaching, Executive Presentation Skills Coaching

Course Highlights
• Delivered >100 times at more than 70 blue chip companies
• Course Ratings and Feedback >90%
• DVD Recording with 360 Coaching & Instant Feedback
• 3 Video Presentations on 2 Day Workshop
• WeChat Flash Cards & Extra Resources

Course Length: 0.5,1-2 days + follow up/review options
Delivery Languages: English, English with Chinese or Chinese

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