Why Communication?

Why Communication?

Think about your typical day. You get up, have breakfast and then start your commute into work. You enter your office building, chat to a few colleagues in the lift and then greet your receptionist. You spend the next two hours going through e-mails. An hour later you attend a weekly meeting. For lunch you go out with your line manager. In the afternoon you deliver a project update presentation to your team and managers. 

What do all these events have in common? Answer: Communication
According to various reports, anything between 50-75% of a typical working day will be spent communicating in some form. 

The Importance of Communication

Communication is an essential function of an enterprise. Internally we use it to manage, lead, coach, and work alongside others. It is the means through which employees provide the information and feedback that managers need to make important decisions. Externally it defines how we speak to and influence our customers.

“Good communication skills improve a workers’ value by 50%”     Warren Buffet

“Ability to communicate was rated as most important factor when promoting staff”   Harvard Business Review

Communication Problems

Research shows that in today’s rapidly changing business environment, major communication problems occur when communicating to people in our own native languages. E-mails are misunderstood, meetings go on for too long without any direction and presentations are boring and don’t make any sense. In fact, in a USA survey of 120 Blue-Chip companies, one third of staff were adjudged to write poorly, resulting in $3.1bn being spent annually in business writing training alone.  

Here in China these problems can be accentuated when subtle language & cultural problems enter the mix too.

In short, poor communication running through your company will affect your bottom line. Your company image, staff productivity levels, team morale and even work-life balances depend on it.

Our trainers and consultants have been working and living in the China region for years and understand these challenges. We have successfully helped improve the competencies of staff in major areas of communication such as meetings, presentations, e-mailing and reports.

We would warmly welcome the opportunity to build a long working partnership with you or your company in the near future. 
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