Why You are Losing 60 Minutes of Your Daily Work Time

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Why YOU are losing 60 minutes of YOUR daily work time           

Time check. How much of your typical work day do you spend handling e-mails?
According to a McKinsey Global Report, a little over 2 hours (28% of a typical work day).

Moreover, users believed that between 25-50% of that time is being spent unproductively.

However, pause for a brief moment. Imagine if we could turn e-mail into a more productive use of our time.

In other words;

-Instead of 5 e-mails to complete a task you need 3
-Instead of spending 10 minutes to understand an e-mail you need just 30 seconds
-Instead of receiving 40 e-mails a day you receive 20 

What would you do with 60 minutes of extra time saved every day? 

Over the next few months we are going to be focusing on business e-mail. Something that we believe is so easy and yet is constantly ranked as one of our biggest productivity killers (Surveys from CNBC, Salary.com & INC.com).

Let’s start with a bit of root cause analysis.

                  3 reasons why e-mail is one of our biggest productivity killers

1. Time Pressures + Mindset
In today’s busy world there is a shift towards getting things done quickly. Super quick. This rush to complete tasks comes at the expense of getting things done right, especially e-mail.

People tend to get anxious before delivering a presentation and as a result are more likely to add a preparation phase. Important conference calls less likely to prepare.

However E-mails….. absolutely nothing to worry about. Open lap top, start writing and then click send. Done. No planning process and no checking. 

Recent data suggests that an average e-mail conversation went back and forwards 4.5 times (Source: Font).

Imagine how much time we could save if we cut that down to 2 or 3 times?

2. School Didn’t Help
Business schools, universities, MBA programs typically reward academic writing.  Remember your 10,000 word dissertation? The one where you have a few points to make but you HAD to write 10,000 words. Onus on and reward for length.

Busy executives expect the opposite. Brevity and getting to the point quickly. We therefore need to re-program our minds.

3. Going Global
When travelling abroad you see different people, customs and culture.  As a result, you are more likely to guard against potential cultural issues & misunderstandings.

However, with an e-mail you can communicate with anyone, anywhere in an instant. Your guard can be down and a host of cross-cultural communication issues enter the fray. More on this in our third post on this subject.

In summary, e-mailing takes a huge chunk out of our typical work day.

The good news is that with greater awareness and a
mindset shift it doesn’t have to be a productivity killer.

Change is possible. Let's start approaching e-mail as a time-gainer