Stop Blaming Technology & Take Ownership of your Communication

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Stop Blaming Technology & Take Ownership of your Communication
4 actionable tips to inspire confidence before your presentation begins
When was the last time you attended a meeting or presentation which was delayed due to a technical problem? Wrong converter cable, pointer doesn’t work or projector shows only 1/3 of the computer screen. 

Normally, someone from the technical support team is called in, “saves the day” and perhaps 15 minutes is wasted. 15 minutes x 10 people = 150 minutes. Costly.

During those 15 minutes of panic it is common to hear the meeting leader or presenter get upset about all the different cables (HDMI, VGA etc), old and slow lap-tops, why the projector cable is too short etc.

However instead of blaming others and the equipment why can’t we take more ownership ourselves?

Here are 4 actionable tips to a stress-free beginning to your meetings/presentations

1. Arrive Early
For very important internal meetings I would check the room & connections at least one day before. For external meetings, try to get access to your venue minimum 30 mins before.

With everything set up and working fine you can then greet and meet people as they walk in inspiring confidence, trust and professionalism.

2. Know your Equipment better (the basics)
Do you know how to change the screen resolution settings (right click then display settings then resolution)? What projection ports does your lap-top have? Does your pointer come with a wireless USB remote? Have you tested it first?

3. Back-Up
Would you drive a car without a spare tyre? What is your go to back up in a presentation? Have you saved your PPT deck onto a USB? or safe public file?

4. Bring Converter Cables
Converter cables (VGA & HDMI) can be quite small, portable and inexpensive. If you are in sales, invest the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee into some equipment. Small pay off to gain the trust of your client.

In short, minimise risk and take the above 4 IT/technical preventative measures for your next meeting or presentation. Rely less on others (IT help), take more ownership and inspire the confidence of your audience.

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