Controlling Audiences Attention in Presentations & Meetings

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How to Control Your Audiences Attention Using a Pointer?

I bet most of us have been shot at during a presentation or meeting with an infra-red/green pointer. However there is another function on a pointer that perhaps you don’t use or even didn’t know about that is even more important than the one that irritates your audience and excites your family pet.

And here it is….the black screen function
So why use it?

Attention spans are dwindling (12 seconds in 2000 to 8.25 in 2015, according to a Microsoft study). Still there? The beginning of your meeting or presentation is your big chance to build a connection with your audience.

By having slides on you are providing an unwanted distraction. Therefore especially at the beginning, let the audience focus on you. Keep it simple. No distractions. Black screen button.

If you dont have a pointer or if you want to use your keyboard to black screen then...

Press  the “B” button.  This will make your screen go black. Press "B” again and it will go back to normal screen.

Press the "W" button. This will make your screen go white. Press "W" again and it will go back to normal screen.

Go ahead and open up any PPT presentation, put it in slide mode and try for yourself.

Other suitable times to “black your screen” could be;

  1. You want to ask the audience a question
  2. Feel the audience is zoning out/tired + change presenting position
  3. Want to initiate a discussion

Next time you are leading a meeting or presentation minimise distractions and get the audience to focus more on YOU by hitting the black screen.
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