5 Simple Steps That Will Change Your Life Forever!

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5 Steps that will Change Your Life Forever!

Research indicates that habits form around 40% of our daily behaviour (Duke University). Positive habit building therefore has the power to change our lives.


Ever bought a gym membership and only used it a couple of times since? Ever tried to save up money to buy something but got nowhere near your savings target?


After finishing a number of recent training sessions, many attendees were excited to have learned and gained awareness around important interpersonal communication skills.

Big question is how can we ensure this positive change continues after training? Or… how can we build new habits?

在近期的一些培训课程中,学员们因认识到人际沟通技巧的重要性而感到兴奋,并建立了相关意识。但重要的问题来了…… 如何才能持续取得进步并积极改善?或者说,我们如何建立新的好习惯?
At Advance Consulting we love using acronyms to help remember things. S.M.A.R.T goals & S.M.A.R.T habits.

Step 1: Specific
Get specific about what you want to change. What is the change?
Habit changes such as “I will improve my communication skills” (common pre-training aim) or  “I am going to eat  healthier” are both unlikely to work.

-Break up big goals into smaller manageable chunks.  Rather than lose 20KG go for 2KG first. Professor BJ Fogg calls these tiny habits (www.tinyhabits.com)
-Focus on one habit. A 1% habit change per day will provide HUGE payoffs. This is called the kaizen approach to self-improvement.
第一步:Specific  具体目标
Step 2: Motivation.
You need motivation to change.
If your manager told you to come on a training program you wont change. 
Other people want you to stop smoking you wont. You have got to want it yourself. Best motivation comes from within. This is called intrinsic motivation.

第二步:Motivation  动力。

Step 3 Anchor Your Habit
Remind yourself of why you are making the change.  Set a visible reminder to link your new habit with change. 
For example if your habit was to slow down when you speak during con calls then you may put a post it note on your office phone to remind you. Whenever you see this post it note you are anchored to speak slower.

第三步:Anchor Your Habit     锚定你的习惯
Step 4: Reward yourself
It is important to celebrate your wins. It feels good, motivates and re-enforces what you are doing.
Old habits die hard. BUT need to be patient. Get back up if you fall down.

第四步:Reward yourself      奖励自己
Step 5: Time bound
Not only do we need to know exactly what habit we want to change but also when and how long we are going to give ourselves.
According to research, it takes 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic –or your habit to form.

第五步:Time bound 限时

To change your life you need to change your habits. How about starting your new habit today?

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想要改善你的生活,必须先树立良好的习惯。 从今天就开始怎么样?来吧,你能做到! 

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