FREE WeChat Flash Cards & Resources

Advance Consulting wants to show you how we are at the forefront in terms of new creative ideas in the training industry:
1. WeChat Flash Cards
What are they? Every 2 weeks, we send out Flash cards to all our previous trainees and also people interested in attending our training programs.
Benefits: These are very useful tools to aid in the retention of ideas, frameworks and key learning points after the training workshop.
2. Interactive Video Case Study Handbook
What is this? This is one of the extra resources we provide to trainees which links key learning points to famous communicators such as Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and more
Benefits: Re-inforces learning points from workshop and aids further understanding in an interesting format.
How do you get your free WeChat Flash Cards or Interactive Case Study Handbook?
From now until February 24, 2017 if you complete our "Contact Us" form (click here), we will get back in contact with you within 48 hours and you can receive these for FREE.
Note: You will need to complete all the form and you must use a business e-mail address. In the "your message here" box write  "Interactive Case Study" & "WeChat Flash Cards."