3 Reasons to Throw out your Sales Pitch

3 Reasons to Throw out your Sales Pitch
In baseball, a pitcher hurls a ball to a batter some 60 feet away at speedsexceeding 20 meters per second.

Moving over to the business world,  a salesperson stands up and “pitches” (monologue style) 30 PPT slides to a prospect in less than 20 mins.

Strike Out? Highly unlikely. Why?

1. Distance -60 feet is too far away. Get closer

Your prospect has never been more informed (shift from caveat emptor to caveat venditor). Product information, specifications, company history and competitor pricing are all readily available and freely accessible on the internet.  

As a result, you need to get as close to your prospect as possible. 60 feet is too far away. Be clear on pain points. What are the specific benefits of your product/service to the audience?  (not just any audience)

Spending 10 minutes introducing your company history and organisation hierarchy will create no connection of your value proposition to the buyer.

2. “Pitch” needs to be a two way collaborative process

Sales pitches need to be persuasive. In order to persuade, we need to tick three boxes ethos, pathos and logos (rhetorical triangle). A data dump speech including a final PPT slide with a question mark is unlikely to persuade as none of those boxes are ticked.

Your sales pitch therefore needs to be a two way communication process. Listen to the prospect, ask questions, seek out buying signals and interact. Techniques on how to interact with your audience and make your ideas stick will be in my next post.

3. Speed - 20 meters per second is too fast. Slow it down

Delivery at baseball pitch speeds is too fast. Go slow. Reasons for a quick delivery;

  1. Too much content prepared before
  2. Nerves –we talk quicker when we are nervous
  3. Lack of self-awareness – we don’t know we are speaking so fast

The good news is that all three are solvable. Steve Jobs delivers at 160 words per minute. What about you? Do you know your speaking pace? More of this in another upcoming post.

In conclusion, avoid “pitching” to prospects at all costs.

Instead, get as close as you can, engage in a dialogue (two way) and finally deliver your content at a speed which your audience is comfortable to decode.
Strike Out? Much more likely.
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