15 PowerPoint Short Cuts You Should Know

15 PowerPoint ShortCuts You Should Know
Left your pointer behind but still need to make your screen go blank during a presentation?

Know how to use a marker pen on your slides?

There are hundreds of PPT shortcuts and hidden features. 
Below are 15 of our favorites, split into 2 groups;

1. Delivery Short cuts

B = Screen goes black
W = Screen goes white
Control P = Activates red pen marker
Esc = Turns pen off
E= Turns pen into eraser

2. Editing Short cuts

Control D = Duplicate current slide
Control M = Insert new slide
Control K = Insert hyperlink
F7 = Spell check
F12= Save as
F5 = View as slide show
Shift F5 = View as slide show from current slide
Alt N + P = Insert picture
Alt A = Animation box
Alt F9 = Gridlines

Note: Please double check your own version of PowerPoint to ensure they work.
These were tested on version 2010.

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