Need Glasses?

Need Glasses?


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You are in a supermarket and have two drink choices;

Option 1 = 99% fat free
Option 2 = 1% fat 

Which once would you buy?

According to research, most likely the 99% free. Note two drinks are the same in terms of fat content.

Even more interesting is that people would buy a 98% fat free option vs a 1% fat content drink.

Why? The power of framing.

What is framing?
Framing is a quality of communication that leads others to accept one meaning over another.

Simply put: how something is presented (the frame) can influence the choices people make.

This of course has huge ramifications for when you are trying to sell your ideas to clients, peers & stakeholders

Are you going to invest in a stock market which is experiencing a “market correction” or one which has just lost 35%?

Steve Jobs in his famous 2007 iphone launch presentation talked about products 3 product features;

  1. revolutionary mobile phone,
  2. breakthrough internet connector
  3. widescreen ipod with touch controls

In the office a manager may approach you with an exciting challenge. What would happen if that same manager approached you with a huge problem.

Some people out of work say they are “seeking new opportunities”. Sounds a lot better than being unemployed.

Therefore, the next time people communicate with you or try to persuade you to do something you may want to see what frame (if any) the audience is using.

Similarly you can use a new pair of glasses (frames) to persuade and lead your audience to make choices you want them to make.