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Public Seminars 2018

Most of our training is conducted in-house. However for companies wishing to train smaller numbers (anything from 1-5 people) or if you are an individual looking to improve your communication skills then we do run Public Seminar courses.

Below is a list of our 3 Public Seminars organised for 2018 and pricing information: For course outline information please contact us.

Powerful Presentation Skills (April 17&18), (June 12&13) 1 Person RMB 5,495, 2 People RMB 9,950, 3 People RMB 13,450. 

High Impact Business Writing (April 13) (June 14) 1 Person RMB 3,500, 2 People RMB 6,000, 3 People RMB 7,000.

Effective Communicator (April 12) 1 Person RMB 3,500, 2 People RMB 6,000, 3 People RMB 7,000.

Note: If you are unable to make these dates and your company/you have 3 or more people interested in attending a public course we may be able to organise around your particular dates.

We do not launch many public courses, so ensure that you book well in advance to avoid disapppopintment. Please look at the news information bar below for further updates. You can contact us on 021 6103 7029 or for more information.

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