Transformation Journey

Transformation Journey

All our programs take staff on a transformation learning journey. It is this process which guarantees change and results.

Phase 1: Pre-Workshop

We typically start by engaging HR and key business stakeholders to ensure we fully understand what program goals and objectives need to be met. Once staff are rolled onto a program, we dive deep to understand individual learning needs, challenges and expectations. In this early phase we fully align goals and get busy collecting relevant case studies.

Phase 2: Workshop

During the delivery or workshop phase important skills, tools and techniques are transferred to trainees. These tools are made easier to apply as a result of the customization process which took place earlier. Practice exercises and video recording all help to enhance self awareness.

Phase 3: Post-Workshop

The learning journey doesn’t just stop here of course. It is important that retention of skills and true transformation takes place back in the office on a daily basis. This is where our unique MicroT Learning System comes into place with trainees continuing to learn, practice and share ideas many months after the workshop phase.